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How do you handle social media accounts after someone has passed away?  Ideally, login to each account to memorialize, deactivate, close, or delete.  Conversely, closing social media accounts without username and passwords is doable.  Verified family members or an authorized person may act on the decedent’s behalf.  In most cases, you will need a copy of a death certificate, and a copy of the obituary.  Below are a few popular social media links to help aid in the process:




Facebook provides a step-by-step guide of what to do when a loved one passes away.  Immediate family members have 2 options, remove or memorialize the account.




Similar to Facebook, Instagram gives immediate family members the option to remove or memorialize the decedent’s account. 



Pinterest is a social platform to share, save, and post creative ideas, photos and videos. 


Twitter Twitter


Twitter offers one option when a death occurs, the account must be deactivated.

Youtube    Google


YouTube accounts are activated with a Google account.  You will be able to delete both accounts simultaneously. 


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